Inspire, Create and Engage

PR consultancy, specialising in results driven communication campaigns.

Ice PR stands for Inspire, Create and Engage.

We are inspired by you the client. We create a unique PR and Communications campaign, and we engage directly with your audience.

Ice PR’s network of creative professionals has experience spanning a host of disciplines and your team will be selected to meet your requirements.

Ice PR is headed up by Cathy Midgley who has over 20 years PR and communications experience, working with some of the best known international and national brands across a variety of disciplines and sectors. 

At Ice PR a client will not be lost within the layers of a larger PR agency. You will only work with professionals with at least 10 years’ experience in their field, and who are all at Director level, as a minimum. 

The Ice PR approach is a consultative and strategic one, where every project and campaign is unique, and is creatively tailored to the objectives and goals of you, the client.

Content Creation

Ice PR offers a range of PR and Communication services, and all of our services are underpinned by the Ice PR strategy to Inspire, Create and Engage. 

Content is the building block of communications, and whether you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, or establish authority in your industry, producing original, engaging, news-worthy content has never been more important.

From press releases to opinion pieces, from case studies to videos, and from blogs to social media posts, quality content will not only keep your audience engaged, but it will also raise awareness of your brand or business and will drive traffic to your website.

Ice PR provides a combination of expert storytelling and in-depth understanding of multiple channels. Our team creates compelling content for your organisation and your audience.

Media Relations

As your press office, we will be the first place for any journalists looking for comment or insight into a story. If they need an interview with you or your team, we will be on hand to arrange this professionally and swiftly.

Press releases are an essential part of your PR and Communications plan. A press release will cover your latest business news, a product launch, a team expansion, an influential appointment and more. We will curate and deliver the press release to your target media at the right time, and we know exactly how journalists would like to receive your news, to ensure that your story is covered where and when you want it to be.

PR campaigns are a strategic and creative way to reach your audience. Whether a community campaign or a national initiative, we will work with you to create a PR campaign that will be effective and memorable.

Case studies are an essential communications tool. Whether you are telling your business story to new and existing customers, or you are looking to use your case studies to pitch a feature to the media within your target publication, a case study drafted and delivered in the right way is sure to impress your customers.

You are the expert in your sector, and now is the time to share your insight, opinion and expertise with the media within your industry.

Entering industry awards can improve your reputation and they are an impactful internal and external communications tool. We will create, for you, an annual awards strategy, researching relevant awards, drafting award entries, and submitting your entries on your behalf. This will be followed up by a PR plan incorporating media relations activity on any shortlist achievements and any award wins. We will ensure that your success is shared and celebrated.

To find out how Ice PR will Create an unforgettable PR and Communications campaign for your business contact Cathy Midgley via our Contact section.

Social Media

Social media is a key element of a communications plan. It is one of the most effective ways for your business and your website to get more traffic and generate new leads. 

We can help you grow brand awareness and your customer base on the various social media platforms available by managing your social media. We will advise which social media platforms are most relevant for your business, based on their different characteristics, and how likely each is to reach and interact with your target audience. 

We will create a social media strategy, a regular social media plan, and we will manage your social media channels for you.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach involves identifying key individuals who can deliver important content to your target audience.

We will create an influencer outreach plan, identifying and targeting the best influencers relevant to your brand and your market, to increase reach, website traffic, brand mentions or social engagement.

Our Work

At Ice PR, we work across a number of sectors and have over 20 years of experience working for brands and businesses. Here are the key sectors we operate in.

Charity and Care

We will help you to raise the profile of your charity, social enterprise, or care business. 

We have many years of experience of providing communications, marketing advice and social media services to charities, community interest companies, social enterprises, and care businesses.

Our team of experts can help you to drive awareness of your organisation’s objectives, promote and brainstorm fundraising campaigns, connect with the community, business partners and stakeholders, and we will help you to increase website traffic and engagement, and, if needed, we can provide a crisis communications service in case of adverse events.

Ice PR is at the forefront of driving change in how charities and care businesses engage with a new generation of consumers.

Food and Drink

We have a wealth and breadth of experience of working with some of the UK’s biggest and best known FMCG brands and we have helped launch and raise awareness for a host of smaller food and drink brands.

Whether you are looking to launch your new food and drink business or if you are a brand whose objective is to secure or expand on listings in the major supermarkets, we have the communications campaign to help you to achieve your objectives.

Ice PR is proud of our award-winning campaigns, and we will work with you to deliver your own fresh and exciting PR campaign, with real impact, based on great ideas and tailored to your objectives and goals.

Professional Services

We have worked with many professional services businesses, where we have developed and implemented strategic communication plans that are focused on the client’s objectives and have assisted with driving business growth.

Relationships and reputations are core to professional services business success, and we will help you to raise your company’s profile, to showcase the profiles of key personnel as industry leaders, and we will help you to drive sales.

Our strategy involves the implementation of an effective content marketing plan, and working with the media to create informative and engaging content that will raise your profile as an industry leader.

Property and Home Interest

We have in-depth knowledge, experience and a genuine passion for the property and home interest sector.

Ice PR’s work has included helping to launch an international brand into the UK with a host of PR and social media campaigns, through to working with regional and national estate agents to help elevate these businesses into the award-winning market leaders they are today. 

Health and Beauty

With new products and services entering the health and beauty marketplace on a daily basis it is essential for any business in this competitive sector to have an experienced PR team with enviable media contacts and influencer strategies, who can reach the right audience for your brand.

Ice PR will work with your team on product launches, product placement, celebrity/brand ambassador management, experiential stunts, photo-calls, media range previews, trend reports, social media campaigns, online PR, and crisis communications.

If your aim is to achieve consistent coverage across national press, leading digital platforms, national consumer magazines and blogs then Ice PR is the team for you.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is competitive and it is always evolving. At Ice PR we know that it is essential to stand out in a crowded marketplace and we can help you to meet that challenge. 

Our team are genuinely passionate about travel and tourism from hotels and destinations through to leisure attractions and experiences. Our expertise and knowledge of the industry brings bright ideas, dedication, and results to your campaign. 

“Cathy has led our communications activity for over 4 years and in that time we have achieved regular local media coverage, local TV and radio coverage and coverage in national press. Cathy has developed creative campaigns to make us stand out in a busy sector and has helped us to develop and grow partnerships with key stakeholders. She has an excellent understanding of our charity and our objectives, and she helps us to achieve them.”
“What a great first year of trading with what has felt like an instant success, helped by some great national and regional media coverage we have achieved through Cathy. Thank You”
“Cathy has helped grow our property business through ongoing coverage in trade and local press, creative community campaigns, charity partnerships and social media management. She has helped us become the number one estate agent in our area over the 4 years she has worked with us, and I would highly recommend her.”
“Cathy is excellent at securing editorial opportunities on very tight deadlines with innovative slants to the ‘story’. She is great fun to work with and is results driven.”
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